“One should be cleansed when entering the jolly world of the dead.”

For those readers who failed to follow Montenegrin literature in depth over the last few decades, Miodrag Vuković could prove to be its best kept secret. This writer and journalist used his peculiar, original and virtuoso-like short stories from the late 1970s until his death in 2013 to pave the way for completely new areas in prose, thus directly influencing many of today’s famous literary authors, including his close friend Svetislav Basara. The story in its classic sense – through narration – moves away from the forefront and leaves the stage open for language. The way in which Vuković approaches it and gives in to it completely redefines prose norms. It is language, with its unstoppable energy, joy of labeling, its value and strength and subversive potential often achieved through sharp irony – that is the hero of these furious lines: each time when faced with whiteness of margins you are looking into an abyss. To guess what reversal, or seemingly unexpected new character (western gun-slinger, train conductor, FC Partizan goalkeeper or Sherlock Holmes himself), or brilliant lyric picture Vuković will throw at you with his playful, frantic language machine is completely impossible. You can be certain of one thing: in the scratched mirror of the saloon you will see a shaky, difficult to catch, uncompromising and superior prose.


Author: Miodrag Vuković

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