“Projects, projects, and projects. And just party, party, party! All day, every day we worked on projects. During the nights we partied. That was it, work and partying.”

[email protected] is the second novel of Kosovar-German writer Beqë Cufaj (Dečani, 1970) published in 2011 in Albanian, then the following year in German after which it achieved great success with German, Austrian and Swiss literary critics who had nothing but praise for it.

After a double private breakdown, a German professor decides to leave his steady university job to become part of a peace keeping mission as UN representative in one of numerous global crisis regions. It is in a country that recently underwent a bloody and destructive war, and whose population yearns for peace and international help.

However, soon after arriving “down there” it becomes clear to him how citizens of the ravaged country, desperately in need of most basic things, are at a complete opposite from absurdly bureaucratic and inefficient international structures, made up of variegated groups of idealists, adventurers and careerists who spice up their office days with wild night life…

This novel by Beqë Cufaj is the first open and multi-layered critique of the work and engagement of international peacekeeping missions in the region.


Author: Beqë Cufaj

Translator: Giulian Hamitaj

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