“The closer he came to his goal, he became less of a man and more of an animal.”

It is 1883. The backdrop of the story is harsh Icelandic environment. We follow a priest, Baldur Skuggason, as he hunts the mysterious blue fox. Then we enter the world of a botanist Friðrik Friðjónsson and his protégé Abba, born with Down syndrome. By the end of this short, enchanting novel, the story connects fates of all characters whose lives completely change.

The Blue Fox is the perfect introduction to a literary talent of the highest order: Sjón, now one of the most famous and translated Icelandic authors, received the prestigious Nordic Council Award for this novel which has been translated into more than thirty languages.

By relying on traditions of Icelandic folk tales – which he deconstructs, on myths, supernatural powers, Sjón creates a contemporary and exceptional text that corresponds perfectly with our time and all of its perversions. To read Sjón is an outstanding experience: the novel is at times cold, then becomes touching and lyrical; with a story cut from Icelandic past, environment and culture, but still timeless and contemporary.

Sjón’s poetic expression is simple, even painful, with hidden meaning and brilliant intellectual flashes; it draws us in to its magic.

This is one of those texts that open numerous questions: because things are often not what they seem, so sometimes foxes are not just animals. And men are sometimes not men.

A book we want to read over and over again.


Author: Sjón

Translator: Tatjana Latinović

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