“What kind of a life is it if you are waiting on a misfortune to save you from evil?”

Greece has been experiencing a great, never before seen, economic crisis for years. But things were not always like this and people know it can be better. Something Will Happen, You’ll See is a collection of tales about the disempowered Greek working class, people who live on the outskirts of Athens, in poor neighborhoods which are not mentioned in tourist guides. The heroes of Ikonomou’s 16 short stories are laid-off workers and their families, retirees, workers who are vainly waiting for their salaries, young couples, hungry children. Faced with difficult life situations, they are fighting for dignity, existence and rights with hope of a better future, even when everything has been taken from them.

Ikonomou credibly talks about topics hidden under the surface. Critics praise him because he smoothly draws readers into existential anxieties of his characters, conveys silence, the unseen and unspoken in a powerful manner, and translates gestures easily into unforgettable pictures.

The book Something Will Happen, You’ll See is considered as somewhat of a literary symbol of Greek crisis. With its universal value and recent events which it portraits without censorship or pity, it thrilled global literary audiences. It has been translated into English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

“I am an objective man who writes about real people, whether they are Greek, Croatian or of any other nationality. Like in all of my work, this book also tries to rise above the walls surrounding me – language barriers, national heritage and my country’s national history – to address as many people as possible.”

Christos Ikonomou, foreword to the Croatian edition


Author: Christos Ikonomou

Translator: Koraljka Crnković

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