“Jasper Gwyn wonders whether he will ever meet her again and concludes that he will, someplace, many years later, in some other loneliness.”

Alessandro Baricco loves unusual characters – somewhat quirky loners who decided to follow their dreams. Jasper Gwyn is one of them. An esteemed writer, reticent and subtle 43 year old, seemingly pleased with his life, who abruptly decides to stop writing and disappear from his readers.

He secretly takes on a new challenge: he wants to “write portraits” and achieve a completely unique form of artistic expression where individuals are not characters but the stories are. He will not publish these portraits and will instead give them to his models under the condition that they are never allowed to publish them. He finds an atelier, lights, sounds, atmosphere and décor, and finally Rebecca, a girl who becomes his first model and somewhat of the novel’s centerpiece that connects all characters. In the silence of the atelier the story of writing as an intimate ritual continues as well as an inner journey with an unpredictable outcome…

Alessandro Baricco was born in 1958. He is one of the most esteemed and most read contemporary European authors. According to critics, Mr. Gwyn is his best novel since Silk.

“Alessandro Baricco has written a tender meditation on the almost imperceptible ways in which people, and books, can change us, resonate, call out over the years, sending us back in time and destabilizing us, like so many Trojan horses smuggled into our lives under cover of darkness.”

The New York Times

“Baricco is still best known in the States for the cult classic Silk—but that should change with this enigmatic novel, which offers genial weirdness unparalleled this side of Haruki Murakami.”

Publishers Weekly


Author: Alessandro Baricco

Translator: Snježana Husić

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