“I would perseveringly claim that our life is just an experiment on which we are working together…”

The Experiment, a novel from Cypriot writer Myrto Azina Chronidi, can be described as a “research on erotic love and soul”. Two main characters, She and He, decide to undergo somewhat of an “experiment”: to write a literary piece and succeed where others have failed, and that is to achieve true collaboration and unity with their writing, while questioning one of the greatest human temptations – lust. To completely focus on writing, during the “experiment” they must refrain from sexual intercourse and repress libido. She is a self-aware woman who holds her freedom in high regard. He is a “wise man who, just like Socrates, believes that the only thing he knows is that he knows nothing”. While writing they reveal themselves to each other, and their stories are a reflection of their personalities, emotions, instincts and perceptions of their relations. The experiment’s result is a fluid and poetic prose, a series of stories with overlapping themes such as love, sex, religious ecstasy, psychiatry and myths.  Myrto Azina Chronidi’s The Experiment won the European Union Prize for Literature in 2010.

The book is translated to many languages, including English, German, Czech and Serbian.


Author: Myrto Azina Chronidi

Translator: Nives Fabečić Bojić

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