A special promotion of the book series is planned at the now cult vRIsak book fair and author festival, already at its eighth edition where we will present the project in a separate subprogram “Around Europe in 30 Books”.

The vRIsak book fair and author festival is envisaged as a semiannual presentation of publishers after Interliber. It is a cultural event that, along with traditional readings and discussion panels, offers additional content such as workshops, activities for the youngest visitors and, of course, unforgettable parties. The goal of the festival is to promote quality literature, regional cultural exchange and, most importantly, local writers whose work demands greater media presence and exposure towards readers. The fair portion of the festival will bring joy to fans of good books who will be able to make discounted purchases.

The separate three-year subprogram “Around Europe in 30 Books” presented at vRIsak allows readers to meet authors whose work we have published as part of the project. Since the book series focuses on contemporary European literature, most authors will arrive to Rijeka, talk to audiences about their work and get to know Croatian culture and art. V.B.Z. wants to promote superb literary translators with this project, and this is why authors will be joined onstage by our translators who helped create the book series. The main program will be, naturally, accompanied by an entertainment program and numerous opportunities to win prizes and learn about Europe and Europeans.

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