Ana Vasung

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Assistant for Bulgarian language and literature at the Department of South Slavic languages and literatures in Zagreb. Vasung perfected her skills at universities in Bulgaria, in Sofia and Plovdiv. Translates from Bulgarian and Macedonian.

Contact: ana.vasung@gmail.com

Nives Fabečić Bojić

Graduated from the University of Patras in Greece with a degree in Modern Greek Language and Culture. She worked as an official translator and advisor for public relations at the Greek Embassy in Zagreb, and as Croatian President's official interpreter for Greek. She translated many books from English.

Contact: nfabecic@yahoo.com

Tatjana Latinović

Holds degrees in English and German from the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek and in Icelandic from the University of Reykjavik. She has lived in Reykjavik since 1994. She is a translator for Icelandic and a political activist.

Contact: latinovictatjana@gmail.com

Radovan Lučić

Translator and linguist. Received a master’s degree in Slavic studies in Amsterdam where he works as a docent at the Croatian language department. Apart from literary translations, he is also known for his lexicographic work as one of the authors of the Croatian – Dutch dictionary.

Contact: R.Lucic@uva.nl

Ivana Šojat

For fifteen years, she has been a literary translator for French and English; she translated more than 50 books for prestigious Croatian publishers. As a poet, essay, prose and romance writer, she published 12 books.

Contact: ivanasojat13@gmail.com

Maria Vuksanović Kursar

Since 1993 she has translated numerous scientific (legal, historical, political, etc.) texts as well as literary works from Slovak into Croatian. Co-author of the first Slovak – Croatian dictionary with grammar.

Contact: kursarm@ffzg.hr

Koraljka Crnković

Experienced translator for modern Greek and author of the first modern Greek – Croatian dictionary. She works as a professor of Greek and Latin at the Private Classical High School in Zagreb and as court interpreter and translator for Greek and Latin.

Contact: koraljka.crnkovic@zg.t-com.hr

Boris Vidović

Experienced literary translator with a Croatian passport who has been living in Finland for half of his career. He use to translate from English and Italian while now he mainly translates the most significant Finnish literature works into Croatian.

Contact: boris.vidovic@hotmail.com