Ana Vasung

Assistant for Bulgarian language and literature at the Department of South Slavic languages and literatures in Zagreb. Vasung perfected her skills at universities in Bulgaria, in Sofia and Plovdiv. Translates from Bulgarian and Macedonian.

Contact: ana.vasung@gmail.com

Jagna Pogačnik

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Prominent literary critic and one of the most important translators for Slovenian with more than 15 translated books.

Contact: jagna.pogacnik@zg.t-com.hr

Bekim Sejranović

Bosnian-Herzegovinian and Croatian writer with a Norwegian passport. One of the most appreciated regional authors of novels and short stories. Translates contemporary Norwegian prose authors.

Contact: sejranovic@yahoo.com

Snježana Husić

Doctor of Literature and translator from Italian and English. She translated Alessandro Baricco, Italo Calvino and Luigi Pirandello.

Contact: shusic@ffzg.hr

Željka Černok

Earned a language and literature degree in Swedish and English as well as in creative writing in Sweden, while also participating in numerous language and culture courses in Sweden and Finland. She translated more than 20 Swedish authors.

Contact: z.cernok@yahoo.com

Ana Brnardić Oproiu i Adrian Oproiu

Ana Brnardić Oproiu is a doctoral candidate, General Secretary of Croatian Writers Society and awarded poet. Adrian Oproiu is a lecturer at the Romanian language department.

Adrian Oproiu: adrian.d.oproiu@gmail.com
Ana Brnardić Oproiu: ana.brnardic@yahoo.com