“I think ‘Cutlery for the Veal’ marked the beginning of my concentrated writing that eventually became almost factual, to the point where the concrete language I used was sometimes proclaimed vulgar. Directness is, however, perceived as the greatest vulgarity because it implies an open provocation.”

Jelena Marković about her writing

Short synopsis:

Cutlery for the Veal is a witty and nostalgic prose work made up of a string of carefully constructed sequences in which a vulnerable female personality is hidden behind what seem to be ticklish stories about sex machines, madmen, publishers, film directors.

She tells us the story about several kinds of her own loneliness. As an antipode to any birth or literary stereotypes, Jelena Marković appears as a brand new voice in female writing. Cutlery for the Veal is an original, charming and readable novel the readers have been waiting for for a very long time.

Praise for Cutlery for the Veal:

In spite of its air of melancholy, this book about losers has a string of very successful elements of sophisticated humor which not only enrich the whole text but give an attractive loser’s tone of acceptance of reality despite all negativity.

Marinko Krmpotić, Novi list

In the novel, the author, often in a very humorous way, and sometimes with irony and sarcasm, fiercely confronts the world of the so-called ordinary people to the world of the blaze, full of vanity and deception. This young, emancipated and undoubtedly gifted lady wrote it in an accessible way (and only at first sight it does seem to be light reading).

Strahimir Primorac, Večernji list

Cutlery for the Veal is an extremely scattered book, characterised by a decentred narrative structure whose leitmotif is nostalgic and ironic recapitulation of a sentimental education, with a lot of universally recognizable generational markers… It is a valuable publication of a new, cheerful voice that is completely different and unadjusted in the existing political, cultural and literary canons.

Teofil Pančić, Vreme

About the author:

Jelena Marković (after 2005 Jelena Lukić) was born in 1975. She obtained a degree in philosophy in Belgrade, and today she lives and works in Sarajevo as a professional writer and journalist. In 2001 her drama Criticism of the Pure Reason in the Balkan Manner was performed at the Theater m.b.H. in Vienna.

Other works: Before Leaving to the Fireplace / Pred odlazak u kamin, 1994; Plagiarism – Copied from Life / Plagijat – prepisano od života, 1997; Cutlery for the Veal / Escajg za teletinu, 2003; A Foot of a Chinese Woman / Stopalo kineske žene, 2005; When Rozmari Gets back: About Love, Gal and Death / Kad se vrati Rozmari: O ljubavi, Galu i smrti, 2013

Awards, selection: The Best Short Story of Serbia, 1991; The Tode Čolak Award, 1994 (prose); The Branko Miljković Award, 1996 (poetry); The Milutin Uskoković Award, 2001 (prose); First Prize for Best Book of Poetry, Festival of young authors, 2003; The Disovo Proleće Award, First Prize for Best Unpublished Book of Poetry, 2002

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